The piloting of the Online Training Curriculum within IN2STEAM: results achieved successfully!

Απρ 27, 2021News

One of the objectives of the project IN2STEAM: Inspiring Next Generation of Girls through Inclusive STE(A)M Learning in Primary Education is to develop multidisciplinary curricula directed to primary school teachers, creating a bridge between the world of science and the world of art and creativity.

In March 2021 was finalised the piloting of the Online Training Curriculum in STE(A)M learning and gender sensitive practices of IN2STEAM within the “IO2 – Training Curriculum in STE(A)M learning and gender sensitive practices”.

On the 30th March 2021, the project partners met for the fourth transnational partner meeting with the aim of analysing the results obtained from the piloting period of the online training course, developed over the past months as OER version (open educational resource), which was attended by about 110 primary school teachers from 6 countries (Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Poland) of such, about 80 successfully completed the course.

In addition, by becoming part of the SCIENTIX network, 32 teachers from countries outside the consortium of IN2STEAM, enrolled in the course, specifically from: Albania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Israel, Romania and Spain, in this way we achieved a geographical coverage greater than expected.

Thanks to the participation to the course, teachers were able to acquire knowledge related to the STE(A)M approach, on the basis of interconnected elements such as critical thinking, design thinking, the approach to the resolution of problems and methodologies based on innovative models such as the Inquiry Based Model.

All in order to create multidisciplinary school curricula, where the connection between technical-scientific subjects and artistic subjects aims to overcome traditional methods in learning STEM at school: a new approach to multidisciplinary teaching in which all students are involved, including more and more girls.

The online course has been developed in 6 online training modules, consisting of interactive activities and quizzes, available in the following languages: English, Greek, Polish, Italian, Portuguese and Turkish.

The objectives set by the course are focused on:

  • improvement of personal and professional teaching skills and competences related to the STE(A)M;
  • acquisition of a multidisciplinary teaching approach which includes artistic subjects;
  • improvement of digital skills;
  • promotion of more inclusive education that takes into account gender equality in learning.

The teachers who have completed the course will have the opportunity to participate in the development of activities with students in classroom: participants will be provided with a Digital Teacher’s Toolkit, with the methodology aimed at facilitating the learning process of the pupils in STE(A)M-related fields, and an Activity KIT, with practical resources designed for boys and girls aged between 8 and 11 years.


Do you want to participate in the Online Training Curriculum in STE(A)M learning course?  You still have time!