IO 1 – Report on the Value of STE(A)M in Girls’ Education

Desk-based research on the local context in primary school education concerning i) the approach to learn STE(A)M for engaging girls ii) the identification of the specific needs and gaps in Continuous Professional Development of teachers in their skills and competences to deliver effective STE(A)M learning.

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    IO 2 – Online Training Curriculum in STE(A)M learning and gender sensitive practices

    The Online Training Curriculum aims to promote STE(A)M learning in primary schools: this tool will support teachers and trainers to increase their competences and skills to use STE(A)M educational approach as access points for guiding student inquiry, critical thinking and problem solving among children aged 8-11, especially among young girls.

    The Curriculum will be composed by 6 module topics:

    • Introduction to STE(A)M education & opportunities of STE(A)M, awareness of pedagogical aspects concerning gender disparities that impact on girl’s engagement in scientific subjects;
    • Sharing of experiences & best practices addressing gender aspects in science education through innovative practices;
    • Cross-sectorial learning approaches to support interdisciplinary collaboration between arts and scientific subjects and increase the motivation and participation of young girls in primary school to pursue STEM fields;
    • Designing lessons using STE(A)M principles and integration of learning STE(A)M skills and concepts in classroom practices to primary school age children, applying real-world creative problem solving using interactive content to support critical thinking, creativity, analysis and problem-solving competences;
    • Using open resources, technology & innovative design to create motivating & inspiring STE(A)M learning experiences within creative and collaborative learning environments whilst in line with science education standards and arts areas;
    • STE(A)M Assessment

    IO 3 – Digital Teacher’s Toolkit (DTT) with STE(A)M Activity Kit for Primary School

    The Digital Teacher’s Toolkit (DTT) will be used by primary school teachers for engaging children in STE(A)M concepts with a focus on raising interest among young girls. The DTT will be composed by innovative teaching resources fruitful to work in the classroom directly with young students.

    The DDT will have an “Activity KIT” for children aged 8-11: it will be a hands-on practical resource for the promotion of an enjoyable and stimulating learning environment using STE(A)M concept.

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    IO 4 – European Charter and Impact Report

    The “European Charter for STE(A)M Education” wants to raise attention on the importance of interdisciplinary learning approaches of combining arts & science disciplines together. The Charter will contain recommendations for decision makers in school education.

    The document will contain:

    • Guidelines in pedagogical methods on how to effectively measure behavioral change in pupils (in particular in girls) in primary school using the projects tested approach towards STE(A)M
    • Impact Report showing evaluation of learning outcomes& impact on target groups of teachers and students concerning the acquisition of key competences and knowledge in STE(A)M
    • Charter targeted at school education decision makers to support integration of IN2STEAM outputs.

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